Flash Black

How does carbonized bamboo work? To put it as simply as possible, carbonized bamboo nanopowder is an ultra fine powder derived from bamboo that is carbonized under very specific temperature and pressure conditions. These nanoparticles give the powder an huge surface area, allowing liquids or gases to pass through and interact with the exposed carbon. Through the chemical process of ionic bonding, this carbonized nanopowder is able to adsorb a wide range of toxins and contaminants. In other words, toxic substances attach themselves to the surface of the carbonized bamboo nanopartical. In clinical studies, carbonized bamboo nano powder has been found to be an extraordinarily effective cleansing agent for the body/mind. All of Black To Life’s products utilize this black powder to rid the body of industrial and agricultural toxins, chemicals, metals, radiation, food sensitivities, as well as drugs and alcohol.


Flash Black is an advanced detox and electrolyte replacement formula. Flash Black utilizes carbonized bamboo to detoxify the body. In addition, Flash Black contains electrolytes typically lost due to perspiration, along with supportive vitamins and minerals for increased rehydration and health benefits. Great as a sports drink without caffeine, sugars or preservatives, giving your body a boost with enhanced focus and stamina. Mix one serving with 8oz of water and enjoy the mild, refreshing, citrus taste and zero calories. We offer Flash Black for sale in a 25-count box of single dose glass vials, or in a 50-dose bulk violet glass container. CLICK HERE TO GET A SAMLPE.